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Fighting for Love » WhiteWolfLegend

Paul stalked forward, stopping mere feet from his imprint and snarled almost brokenly at her. “Look what you are doing Leah! Look what you ignoring me does! You are breaking me!” He yells, his hands flying to the air in exasperation. He was a broken man and she was his imprint, finally he will show her that he will fight for her love.


New Blog

Hey all, this blog is brand new. It’s dedicated to the men of Twilight. I will not link fics with Edward or Jacob though. This is for the other men in Twlight. It can be one of the men and an oc, or one of the men and Bella.

As you can tell, this blog is still under construction. I will have it up and running soon-ish.

For now, I will link one story a week, maybe a little more.

Fanfiction featuring the men of Twilight